Start time is 10 am

The description and maps here are the 2017 route. Once the snow has melted enough to use the trails, updated maps will be posted. Hopefully at the end of April.

The 5 km route is on trails on the old Wintergreen ski hill; the 3 km route is on the golf course; the 8 km people run the 5 km loop then the 3 km loop. We’ve had to adjust the route from the original plan of trails on the back of the ski hill due to snow. The whole back section is still snowy and very slippery so too dangerous to run on. However, we’ve come up with a good route that is beautiful but safe and with some challenging steep climbs on the 5 km section. It is still wet and muddy in some sections on both the 5 km route and the 3 km route so be prepared to get your feet wet. The 5 km course also has some short prickly twigs so we recommend wearing long pants or tall socks so you don’t get too scratched up. Please see the new route maps below.

5 km map

5 km elevation

3 km map

3 km elevation

Race package pick up
Is at Gord’s Running Store (919 Centre St N) on Thursday, May 3 from 4:00 – 7:00.

April 15, 2018

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