Start time for sprint triathlon is 9 am; sprint duathlon is 9:05 am. The kids race will start at approximately 11:15 am when all of the adults are finished.

The race takes place in the community of Elbow Valley just west of Calgary. Take highway 8 west from Glenmore Trail, turn left at the set of lights at Lott Creek Blvd then right at the t intersection onto Lott Creek Drive then you will see the transition area and lake. Parking is limited so please car pool where you can and check the parking map for golf course parking location.

The swim consists of one lap of the perimeter of the lake in a clockwise direction. YThere will be kayaks and a water safety boat on the lake. Buoys at each corner will mark your way.

 NEW CYCLE ROUTE : All of the construction on highway 8 has infringed on the shoulder of the road leaving little to no room for cycling. We have moved the cycle to be all contained in the community of Elbow Valley for safety reasons. The cycle consists of two laps through the community of Elbow Valley. It follows Lott Creek Blvd through the community, turning left at the end of Lott Creek to do a loop at the west end which brings you back onto Lott Creek Blvd which you follow back to transition. After the first lap, you will turn near transition to complete the loop a second time.
The run is a single loop on the pathway with an out and back section to make up the full 5km distance.


The first run of the duathlon is an out and back run on the pathway from transition. The cycle and second run are on the same route as the triathlon.
Duathlon run 1 map

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