Wintergreen Ekiden Relay

Ekiden start 2018


Saturday, October 16, 2021
Wintergreen Golf & Country Club, Bragg Creek
10:00 a.m.

Registration now open!

We had so much fun at Wintergreen in 2020 that we’re staying there for 2021!  Join us for the best tail gate party ever!

Ever wondered what it’s like to run 18 holes of golf without having to actually hit a little tiny ball with a stick? You’ll find out on October 16! We’ll be utilizing cart paths around the golf course and trails over what used to be the ski hill!

Golf course route map is here.

Route: These routes are subject to change as we explore the possibility of using some roadways outside of Wintergreen. But, for now, this is what you can expect. We’ve used a combination of golf cart path, Wintergreen access road and the old ski hill to give you five different routes all with their own challenges. Leg 2 and 3 runners will climb the old ski hill along the chair lift line to the top (yup, the chair lift is still there). It is a 1km tough climb so be prepared. The golf course is built on a slope so all legs will have some elevation change along the cart path. The cart path is 20% asphalt and 80% packed gravel path – very nice to run on. The approach to the ski hill is a dirt service road, the climb is single track and the descent is double track trail. We can’t quite get the full marathon distance but we’ve gotten 38km.

Race information: Following are the Covid health regulations that we followed in 2020 to bring you a safe and fun race. We’re hoping that gathering restrictions will be eased considerably by October and we will adjust accordingly. For now, here is what you  might expect.

Things will still be a little different this year since we can’t all gather together indoors. We’ll be updating all of the Covid protocol information as we go but here is some of what you can expect. We will also be hosting a Zoom meeting for team captains during the week before the race to fill you in on all of the details.

  1. We’ll be utilizing the parking lot at Wintergreen for all of our staging.
  2. Each leg will start and finish in the north end of the parking lot.
  3. The parking lot will be divided into zones with each zone holding no more than 20 teams. You will not be allowed to travel between zones.
  4. Each zone will have it’s own porta-pottie facilities.
  5. Each team will be allotted two parking spots. There will be one empty spot between each team to allow for distance between others.
  6. Within you space, you can park one car or two cars. We encourage you to bring chairs to sit in and use one of your spaces for that. You can also put chairs in front of your vehicles (if you park two) so long as you remain distant from a team parked across from you who may be doing the same.
  7. We assume that, as a team, you are a cohort so can be near each other but you must remain distant from other teams.
  8. There is additional parking so if you travel to Wintergreen in more than one car, we will be able to park you.
  9. You will be required to stay in your allotted team spot unless using the washroom or running.
  10. Sanitizer will be available in each zone and at the start/finish but we encourage each team to have their own supply to be used frequently.
  11. Masks will be required when out of your team spot (except when running)

Food and beer: We were able to provide a light lunch and beer purchase in 2020! We hope to be able to bring back a BBQ or chili lunch in 2021 but, if not, we’ll go with the same plan as 202 which was . . . We’ll be getting subs from Mr. Sub and each team will pre-order from three choices. We will then have volunteers at Wintergreen who will package up your teams sandwiches (plus another little goodie) and they will be delivered to your spot in the parking lot. And you’re going to be able to purchase beer or other beverages. We’re at a golf course so we’re bringing out the drink cart which will travel through each zone offering you drinks!

Team captains and solo runner meeting: We will be hosting a team captains meeting via Zoom on Wednesday, October 13 at 7:00 p.m. The link will be send on October 12. Please ensure that at least one member of your team is present as we will be explaining the parking and course details. Solo runners, also plan to attend.

Race package pick up: Will be at Strides Running Store Marda Loop on Thursday, October 14 from 4:00 – 7:00. Only one person from a team needs to attend to collect your package. If weather permits we will be outside. If we are indoors a limited number of people will be allowed in the store at one time; if we are full you will be asked to line up outside. Please be sure you have a face covering.

What is Ekiden?

Unfamiliar with the term? Then you are likely unfamiliar with the ancient Japanese system of mail delivery. Couriers would run from station to station in a task called Ekiden.

These days, Ekiden is one of the most popular relay races in the world spreading out from Japan to Australia, Korea, New Zealand, Spain, Netherlands, China, Germany, France and Canada. Distances for each Ekiden are different ranging from 5km to 200km, and teams obviously vary accordingly. One thing that is the same at every Ekiden though is the unforgettable feeling of community.

The Wintergreen Ekiden Relay is a five leg race with distances varying from 5.2 km to 9 km and an overall total equal to a 38km. Each leg starts and finishes at the Wintergreen Golf & Country Club. The race is run relay style with only one team member running at a time. So gather five of your best running friends and join us for a scenic fun, memorable running experience around the beautiful Wintergreen golf course and the trails on the mountain.

Try the solo division! Tackle the 38km distance on your own. We’ll have a special finishers medal for anybody brave enough to tackle this adventure and complete it within the 4 1/2 hour cut off time.

Please note: race registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. You will be given the option to purchase cancellation insurance when you register online.

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