Spring Trio Route

Start times:
8:30 – 15km rolling start
9:15 – 10km rolling start
10:00 Grer Kuhl Memorial 5km rolling start (dog and stroller friendly)
11:00 – kids race

The race will start and finish at Stanley Park by the 42nd Ave entrance. The route will make use of the new bridges over the Elbow River. 5 km runners will cross one bridge, 10 km runners will cross two & 15 km runners will cross all three bridges! The kids will be doing an 800m loop on the grass in the park. Route maps have been updated for 2020 including a new interactive map. 

5 km interactive map 
5 km street view with directions

10 km interactive map
10 km street view with directions

15 km interactive map
15 km street view with directions

Kids run map

Pick up is at Strides Running Store on Saturday, August 15. You must sign up for a package pick up time. If you’re doing Spring Trio Trail you can pick up both packages at the same time.

July 25, 2021

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