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Hi folks,

I hope you are all safe and healthy. It’s certainly a very difficult time for all of us. Schools are closed, gyms/fitness centres/yoga studios are closed. Businesses, especially small independent ones, are going to suffer. Some people are not able to work and not getting paid. But we will band together and get through this. And there’s a positive too; we get to spend more quality time with the people closest to us.

Be kind to one another while we get through this. Support your local small business where you can. Be sure to thank your friends or family who are first responders or health care workers; they can’t work from home and are being called on to work extraordinary hours to keep us well and safe.

Please stay safe and healthy and take good care of your loved ones. We’re in the process of putting together an April “streak” to help you all socialize and get creative with your work outs while we’re all staying home and distant. No cost, just something fun we’re doing with Strides and Mito so stay tuned to Facebook

Race updates are below and we will update further as more information is available.

Cheers, Cheryl

Spring Trio and Spring Trio Trail: Originally scheduled for April 19 and April 29 are now postponed to August. I have requested a couple of different dates from the city. As you can imagine, the folks at the city are working hard to accommodate postponements and it will take them a bit of time to sort the schedule. I will keep you updated as more information comes available.

Tri for Evan: We are remaining hopeful that we’ll be able to hold events again in June BUT, just in case, I have put our venue on hold for July 18 to postpone if necessary. I hope we’ll have a better idea of what June might look like by end of April or mid May.

K-100: Again, we’re remaining hopeful that we will be able to go ahead as planned on June 27. We have August 29 on hold as an alternate.

Banff Ekiden Relay: No change to our scheduled date of October 17.

Last Chance Half Marathon and 10km: No change to our scheduled date of November 8.

Like our partner sponsor, Be There Races is family owned and operated. We are proud to offer six, distinctly different running events: Spring Trio 5/10/15kmSpring Trio Trail, Tri for Evan (sprint and kids triathlon), Kananaskis 100 mile relay race, Banff Ekiden relay & solo, and the Last Chance half marathon & 10  km. Our goal is to provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere and connect with our community through our partner sponsor, Centaur Subaru and our charity partner, Mito Canada.


Supported By

Centaur Subaru

In Support Of

Mito CanadaMito Canada is a registered charity that provides awareness and support for people affected by mitochondrial disease, while also supporting the advancement of research. Mitochondrial disease impacts approximately 1:5,000 people. Due to the complexity and broad spectrum of the disease, it is estimated that less than 10 per cent of the people who are impacted by the disease receive a diagnosis. There are minimal treatments and no cure. Exercise has been proven to be the most effective form of therapy.

(Mitochondrial disease refers to a group of disorders. There are so many types of Mitochondrial disease it would be impossible to name them all, and many have yet to be discovered. Research is showing that Mitochondrial disease plays a role in Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and many other familiar conditions. Each condition is the result of a genetic mutation – a specific change in the genetic material of the mitochondria. The mutation causes the mitochondria to fail. Be There Races supports MitoCanada by donating a portion of race registration fees each year. Help us raise money for this great cause when you register for the Last Chance Half Marathon by making a donation and/or gathering pledges from your friends and family.)

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Blaine Penny co-founded the charity in 2009 after his son Evan was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. Blaine is very passionate about the cause that he is now the executive director of. He has poured in countless hours to raise the profile of Mito Canada in the past nine years with the hope that one day it will improve quality of life for Evan and others affected by the disease. Blaine is an avid runner himself, and has incorporated sport through Team Mito as a platform for helping raise additional awareness. The partnership with Be There Races is a perfect fit with the charity — by being active and participating in running races, people are improving their mitochondrial health and overall quality of life.


Check out video from our What it Takes athletes from the 2017 season.

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