Ekiden Team Roster Registration

Team Roster Registration Instructions

If you were having trouble getting your roster registered over the long weekend, please try again. The glitches have been fixed.

Please read all of the instructions carefully before clicking on the roster registration link.

Please enter your roster registration before package pick up on October 14.

When you click on the link below you will be asked for your username and password before you can enter your roster. Your username is your first initial and last name. Your password is your first initial, last initial and team number. So, for example, if your name is Tom Jones and your team number is 500 your username would be tjones and your password would be tj500. If you’re the captain of more than one team, the lower team number will be your password.

Team List is available here » and is sorted alphabetically by team name.

The link to access roster registration is available here »

Please get your rosters complete by 4PM on Thursday, October 15. If you have any problems, just send me an email.

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